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PREMIUM ANTI-SPAM AND ANTI-VIRUS FILTERING SYSTEM now offers a premium anti-spam and anti-virus filtering system and starts from only USD1.59 (RM5) per user per month. The highly effective service is available to any email servers - hosted by, another service provider or operated internally in your organization. Spam and virus emails will be trapped at the Internet level before they reach your network. Besides the savings in bandwidth, productivity in your company will also increase substantially.

The many features that we have deployed in the fight against incoming spam include Premium Anti-Spam Filter System and connection, phrase and content filterings:


Spam filters have gotten very good at catching spam, but they also sometimes catch important legitimate email, and missing a critical message can be worse than getting a thousand junk messages. The Premium Anti-Spam from not only stops 95% of spam with just one click, but also generates only one false positive (real email tagged as spam) per million messages.

The Premium Anti-Spam Filter system works by creating and updating "Bullet Signatures" every ten minutes so you always have the latest and freshest anti-spam protection. These Bullet Signatures are targeted signature files created by proprietary technology and reviewed by multi-lingual human editors. Mail-Filters' Premium Anti-Spam can detect spam in 30 different languages.

Mail-Filters' STAR (Spammer Tricks Analysis and Response) Engine is next-generation spam filtering technology that seeks out the tricks that spammers use to identify the spam. The STAR Engine catches such spammer tricks as falsified headers and "snowflaking" where a spammer makes small changes to each message to make them appear as unique.


  • Real-time Blackhole Lists (RBL) lists third party services that include domain names and IP addresses of known spammers.
  • Perform Reverse DNS Lookup verifies the DNS record for the sending servers IP addresses.
  • Kill Lists (block by domain or email address)

  • Bayesian statistical filters use spam's characteristics against itself. Words are analyzed based on how frequently they appear in good email versus bad email. Then the message is assigned a probability of being spam.
  • Phrase Filtering searches for phrases in the body of the messages.
  • Trusted IP Addresses & White Lists of trusted e-mail or IP addresses that will allow messages through, minimizing false positives.
  • Advanced HTML Filtering

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