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Why Advertise Online?
The Internet is fast becoming an essential component of any major ad campaign.
As measured by Nielsen//NetRatings in its 2003 Spotlight on Advertising Report, top cross media advertisers such as Ford Motor Company, Johnson & Johnson and Verizon Communications strengthened their online ad presences by at least 30% from 2001 to 2002. Media mammoths AOL Time Warner and Walt Disney Company each increased ad spends by 28% during that period, while DaimlerChrysler increased online ad spending by over 400% as part of a major Dodge campaign.


What online does better than offline

More Messaging
Ads using rich media as well as large interactive ad units are becoming standard offerings of Web publishers, giving online advertisers the ability to feature more information in ads, thus making messages more relevant to target audiences.


Better Targeting
Web advertisers have the capability to pinpoint consumers in ways that traditional media could only dream about. They can isolate target markets by zip code or city, by demographics and personal interests, by the context of site content and even by the time of day.


More Control Over Reach and Frequency
The Web enables advertisers to determine reach and frequency of their ads to achieve specific campaign goals more strategically than offline ever could. Advertisers can increase frequency through surround sessions, limit it through frequency caps, and better control reach through the refined targeting capabilities offered online.


More Immediacy
Online ads enable direct response like never before. Consumers can immediately click to learn moreabout a product, register for information, or even buy it right there on the spot.


Diminishing Returns Recovery
In addition to reaching otherwise elusive consumers, advertising on the Web can jumpstart overall cross media campaign results when offline ad returns begin to diminish "by touching the same consumers in a complementary environment," according to the McDonald's 2002 Cross Media Optimization Study.


Real-Time Optimization
An array of technologies is now available for advertisers to test and optimize online ads in real time during a campaign run. Not sure which creative will appeal to which market segment? Want proof of an ad placement's performance before it's too late? Online ad optimization can make it happen.


More Tangible Tracking and Measurement
The Internet takes the guesswork out of measuring campaign results. Unlike traditional media, just about any aspect of an online ad can be tracked, from number of ad impressions to intricate consumer interactions with the creative. Plus, as previously mentioned, even branding impact can be assessed. All of this makes for tangible evidence of ROI when it comes time to measure campaign results.


At we are currently hosting the websites of over 10,000 companies and about 100,000 email accounts. Each employee of these companies are using our web based interface daily for their personal/corporate emailing and collaboration activities. Internet advertising through provides a host of compelling advantages compared to both other media formats as well as other Internet sites.
By leveraging on our network, the advertisement messages and specific “call-for-actions” are amplified to millions of people, and those recipients trust their referring friends and associates


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