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Internet Advertising

Macromedia Flash Banners
Thanks to the Macromedia Flash software, text and pictures resemble animated movies, which can be further enhanced with sound. Thanks to the vector-graphics that define Flash banners, the amazing graphics remain within the strict banner file size limits, which are often limited to 15K maximum. By scrolling over the various parts of the Flash banner, the user can interact with the advertisement.
The latest versions of the Flash software allow for forms to be embedded within the corresponding transmission of advertisement data, which can be collected by a central data bank.

Flash Banners


What are these advertising types suitable for?
Impressive product representation, presentation of the innovative character of the advertiser, processing of user data/ registration.

Where can I put these types of advertisements?
On webmail interface of over 100,000 email users, and our partners in the advertising field.

What are the user’s technical requirements?
Flash plug-in must be installed.

What is the technical Reach?
According to latest NPD Research, Macromedia´s Flash Player can be viewed by more than 97% of all web users.

What are the evaluation possibilities?
Impressions, Clicks and the data submitted.

What are the Advantages of these advertising forms?

Smooth flow of animation despite limited data size, sound effects, noticeably higher CTR than with GIF banners.


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