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Internet Advertising

Pop Up Banners
Pop-ups belong to the type of advertising that interrupt the user’s navigation.
Pop-up windows do not show the advertisement in the current browser window, but rather open up a new window, where the size is abjusted to the users screen, automatically.
Pop-ups are suitable for displaying registration forms directly into the advertisement and still generate better click-through and conversion rates than other media. It should be noticed, however, that many users feel that pop-ups disturb their browsing experience. For this reason, pop-ups should be placed only with frequency
caping mode.


Pop Up Banners

Pop Ups can be delivered in the following formats Gif: HTML and Flash (Default pop-up as GIF-File is recommended).


[click here to see illustrative example]


What are these advertising types suitable for?
Pop Ups are a good vehicle to deliver registrations when forms are directly integrated into the ad, Flash formats can be used for branding effects as well.

Where can I put these types of advertisements?

Mainly on homepages (recommended).

What are the user’s technical requirements?
JavaScript must be enabled, Flash formats require the plug-in.

What is the technical Reach?
JS over 90%; Flash 6.0 more than 90% as well.

What are the evaluation possibilities?
Impressions, clicks, for registration campaigns also conversion rates.

What are the Advantages of these advertising forms?
Larger advertising space - better impact than standard banners; attention grabbing through separate window; higher CTR and conversion rates.

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