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Internet Advertising

Advertising Solutions
Our interactive media solutions are designed to help advertisers & clients generate brand awareness, build their brands or associate their brands to specific content via sponsorships through highly targeted or broad reach campaigns with standard or highly innovative ad types..


Standard Banners

Static Banners- Filetype: GIF
Static banners do not contain any animation, but rather consist of a single graphic. Even though these banners are not the most technologically advanced, they still exist in form of sponsorship buttons.


illustrative samples:


Animated Banners - Filetype: GIF
Animated banners contain a sequence of single graphics. Displaying each picture for a limited amount of timecreates the animation. Interactivity with the animated banner is not possible, however. Despite its limitations, this type of banner is the most common banner on the Internet, since it offers a good compromise between technical prerequisites, handling and attracting attention.


illustrative samples:

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