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Internet Advertising

Skyscraper Banners
Skyscrapers are unusual large creatives that are located on the sites in a rectangular way into the web page.In addition to Gif, Flash formats can also be implemented. When using Flash in a Skyscraper, downloading time should be considered for this unusually large advertisement



Skyscraper Banners

Specifications: standard format is 120x800 pixels, but may vary according to website


What are these advertising types suitable for?
To grab attention, create branding effects. Stays still visible if the user scroll down the page.

Where can I put these types of advertisements?

The network & our advertising partner sites.

What are the user’s technical requirements?
Standard GIF formats –NoneWhen Flash is used plug-in is needed.

What is the technical Reach?

No limitations for GIF, over 90% for Flash 6.0

What are the evaluation possibilities?
Impressions, clicks (through Ad Server), usually higher CTR and conversion rates than banners.

What are the Advantages of these advertising forms?
Greater advertising space, grabs User’s attention through vertical implementation on site. Constant visibility.








Illustrative example

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