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Web statistical analysis offers comprehensive tracking of your campaigns, banner promotions and online digital marketing. We provide our clients with the vital information they need to track & monitor the progress of each individual campaign


Webstatistics are compiled and generated with the critical information at the forefront, to show transparency in the campaigns success & impact on its intended audience.


Features/statistics available for review include the following:

  • Reports can be viewed as HTML or exported to EXCEL.  Reports can be broken down by Site, Advertiser, Banner, Campaign, Zone, and Date.
  • Individual banners can be shown on any day of the week, and during any period of time.  For example, you might show a specific banner Monday-Friday between 9AM-5PM.
  • Option to launch a new browser when user clicks an ad, making it simple for them to return to your site.
  • Support for display of text underneath banner ad and when mouse is hovered over ad.
  • Support for 3rd party code, Rich Media Ads, FLASH banners, and third-party ad agency code such as FlyCast, BurstMedia, etc. Please note that third-party code that uses the ILAYER  cannot be served without removing the ILAYER portion.
  • Includes advanced file upload feature.  Simply browse an image on your local computer and upload the banner at the click of a button.
  • Includes Flash code generator for adding flash banners.  Also includes the ability to track clicks in flash banners.
  • Option to hide Target URL's for banner ads.
  • Includes wizard for adding Popup/ Pop Under advertisements.
  • Automatic daily and weekly email reports available to both the administrator and advertisers.  Version 5 reports are sent in HTML format.
  • Displays a bar chart of impressions in the past 7 days. 


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