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Internet Advertising

Email Marketing
Email was and is still the most popular online service around the world. So it´s obvious that from the beginning marketers wanted to use Email for delivering advertisement.

Email Marketing

There are basically two ways of Email advertisement;

-Newsletter ads
-Stand-Alone Emails


Newsletter Ads

A newsletter ad is embedded into the content of a newsletter that users have subscribed to a specific topic. With HTML-based newsletters advertisers are able to display buttons, banners, skyscrapers even flash animations. If the newsletters are only text-based, you can write texts to announce your product or service.

The main part of the newsletter still remains the content. A segmentation can be done with the target group of a specific information (automotive, sports, etc.)


Stand Alone HTML Emails

A much higher impact have Stand-Alone Emails. Here the users have agreed to receive special emails that contain only advertisement. There are additional targeting possibilities for psycho-demographic information and interest groups. Stand-alone Emails are highly suitable for direct marketing campaigns to drive traffic to a landing page but also if the registration form is directly integrated into the Email.

As there has been long discussions going on in the indutry about Spam and unwanted Emails it is more than ever important to run stand-alone Emails only on permission-based lists where users have given their explicit consent to receive prmotional Emails can offer you such placements with INM our network of over 10,000 domain names & 100,000 email adresses.


Email marketing and Email advertising is very different from other online advertisement and requires special knowledge on text, graphics and technical set up. Our experienced staff will be happy to assist you here.


What are these advertising types suitable for?
Both branding and direct marketing campaigns can effectively be done by Emails. Good results can be achieved with newsletters and even better with stand-alone Emails by additional segmentation.

Where can I book these types of advertisements?
By contacting

What are the user’s technical requirements?
None, user has to be on-line to see HTML ads or click on creatives.

What is the technical Reach?
No limitations depending on type of content features.

What are the evaluation possibilities?
Number of delivered Emails; number of opened Emails, number of clicks per links in Emails, conversion rates, etc.

What are the Advantages of these advertising forms?
One of the most effective way of online advertisement,

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