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Benefits of VisualGSMTM

Easy To Deploy And Use
The VisualGSM mobile application server can be installed within minutes, is easily managed through a series of in-built intelligent wizards, and is highly configurable.

Supports Enhanced Productivity
The VisualGSM mobile application server will enhance productivity as applications can be rapidly customised and deployed to allow staff, business partners and customers to have instant access to business critical information from any location and will be able to act upon it immediately.

Our customers are already benefiting from the router's flexibility in the following ways:

  • Mobile users are able to query databases for stock orders or customer

  • details.
  • Account managers are receiving critical emails while they are away from the

  • Companies are routing urgent customer calls to field service personnel.

  • Daily company stock price information is being routed from the Internet to the
    company intranet site.

  • Companies are sending daily company stock price information to their
    management teams on their mobile phones.

  • Remote workers are updating their time sheets and remotely posting
    customer reports to their intranet site.

  • Systems managers are remotely monitoring and managing critical computer
    systems through mobile devices ensuring any downtime of systems is eliminated.

A number of example uses of the product are illustrated in detail, and a set of case studies shows how different businesses are using the VisualGSM mobile application server.

Simplifies Deployment Of New Services
The VisualGSM mobile application server will simplify the enterprise's deployment of new products and services.

Companies are already using VisualGSM mobile application server to:

  • Allow customers to retrieve their account balance from a mobile phone.

  • Alert key customers to special offers, new product releases or order

  • Post alerts to key clients when there has been a change in the value of their
    investment portfolio.

  • Post alerts to clients when a pre-defined price level has been reached on a
    specific item

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