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SMS Broadcast Server (Lite Server)

Who Should Use VisualGSM Lite
Anyone can use the Lite edition. Not only is it intended for home users but it is also built to empower business organizations to either send or broadcast SMS from their computers or from their websites. This will allow your websites to become fully SMS enabled. Not only will your websites encounter more friends and customer visits but it might just give you the added technological advantage that you need in today's era. To make it even more exciting; imagine using a laptop, your mobile phone and data cable and an internet connection, you can allow your website to send SMS even when you're on the go! The benefits are almost limitless.

How Does It Work
Simply by attaching your mobile phone to your PC with a Phone-to-PC data cable. And with the VisualGSM SMS Broadcast Server Lite edition, you are able to send SMS from your desktop.

To SMS-enable your website, follow the above mentioned steps. With the Broadcast Server installed on your web server, visitors to your web site would be able to send SMS messages to other mobile subscribers through your website via your mobile phone and at your expense. But with so many free SMS given by some telecommunication operators, this would be just a little price to pay as compared to what you will be getting in added benefits!


  • An IBM Compatible Computer with Intel Pentium® III processor and 64
    megabytes RAM

  • Microsoft Windows 98 and above.

  • A compatible mobile phone; preferably Siemens C35/S35, with an accompanying compatible data cable or IrDA port. Alternatively, a GSM modem, e.g. Wavecom, can be used.

  • An accompanying data cable for your phone, which will allows your mobile phone to "talk" to your computer

  • And as little as 5 minutes to install, configure and sending your first SMS

Key Features

  • Empowers you with the ability to send a normal text message to anyone or any group in the world using GSM mobiles from your desktop, your website and your custom built applications.

  • Support for unicode messaging which allows users to send Chinese SMS within the same mobile network. Users will need third party applications like Chinese Star.

  • Offers you the ability to send Flash SMS to any recipient in the same mobile network

  • Compatible with most GSM modems (e.g. Wavecom), and certain GSM
    mobile phone models, in particular Siemens C35/S35. Allows you to connect your device to the server via device-PC serial data cable or device-PC serial infrared/IrDA ports.

  • Can be deployed across web-based intranets and extranets.

  • Features a messaging addressbook, import and export of message lists
    with mobile numbers from Internet Outlook, Outlook Express, Netscape Mail/Messenger, and Eudora Pro/Light.

  • Auto-detect function allows you to automatically detect your device setup configurations.

  • Message merge capability similar to "mail merge" allows you to merge entire message lists addressees to broadcast messages, for personalization purposes.

  • Includes API to 3rd party applications. Supports Java servlets, ASP, JSP,
    PHP, Perl, C, C++, Delphi and Visual Basic.

VisualGSM Mobile Application Server Enterprise Series
For that added performance, you may wish to upgrade to the more powerful enterprise series. The enterprise series is packed full of powerful features that will enable your business organization to be in the forefront of the competition. It gives your website a two-way interaction that allows staff, business partners and customers to immediately retrieve critical information anywhere, anytime. It also comes with the feature that allows smart-load balancing and comes packaged with an industrial standard GSM modem. For more information, click here.

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