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Mobile Application Server (Enterprise Series) is developed inhouse by VISUALtron Software's group of experienced R&D engineers. The server is powered by an integrated SQL database to offer a robust, secured, and open-platform powerhouse which can be easily integrated into any corporate environment via Web APIs, SQL, SMTP and command-line interface.

Click 'N Deploy
The click-and-deploy application server comes fully bundled with an integrated SQL database, industrial standard compliance GSM modem, on-site installation, a 1-year next working day response maintenance contract, and full user/developer documentation.

RAD or rapid application development features enables programmers to quickly develop, test, and launch interactive SMS applications within hours/days.

Powerful Management Console
It is an easy to maintain and configure server. The hassle-free management console manager is built for that added convenience which allows administration of the server in both local and remote environments.

The current enterprise Series allows greater flexibility to grow together with your business by offering an easy upgrade to VisualGSM Mobile Application Server (Enterprise JAVA Edition), a cross platform, highly secured, and scable mobile
solution for any enterprise. The Enterprise JAVA Edition would enable business organiszations with a more powerful option to better manage their heavy SMS loads as well as an advanced two-way interactivity with customers.

The enterprise Series incorporates ‘Smart’ load balancing with an option to add multiple GSM modems to better handle heavy SMS loads.

One of the strengths of VisualGSM is its ability to work behind corporate firewalls by accessing external network/web resources via LAN proxy servers. This allows organizations to continue using their current network systems without any interference from VisualGSM.

Built-In Security

Security is enhanced by limiting usage and web-based admin access from pre-configured set of IP addresses and a password protected client/server Console Manager.

Allows service providers to restrict access to important information services to a pre-defined list of privileged users based on their mobile phone numbers.

Built-in session control security function to track validity of user sessions for 2-way SMS service. Upon timeout of a user session, the current user will be notified of a timeout session and prevent them from further access.

Prevents DOS or denial-of-service sabotage of the system by allowing administrators to configure and preventing the server from accepting messages from 'banned' set of mobile numbers.

Ability to handle large message volumes and efficient sending rates by temporaily storing/buffering ready to send messages in a built-in SQL database before systematically pushing the message to be sent.

Crash recovery feature that allows the system to persistently send messages not sent; for example as a result of power failure, once the server is restored.

Self-diagnosis and problem resolution feature allows the system to self-detect configuration conflicts, hardware failures and resolve such issues automatically if possible; and if not, reallocate the current workload to another server in the workgroup to realize an “Always ready to send” attitude.

Built-in self-maintenance function refreshes/purges server and database cache memory every night for smoother continuous running performance. Can be toggled off.

Error handling
The GSM network is at times unstable, and VisualGSM detects if a message is sent successfully, and retries on network failure (as defined by ESTI GSM standards). Built-in diagnosis capability refreshes COM ports and GSM modems whenever a hardware bottleneck is found. A fault reporting system emails the administrator when such bottlenecks are encountered.

Open Architecture
Configuration, messages, and logs are stored in an open database where professional reporting tools like crystal reports can be used to generate custom-on-demand reports. In addition, these information can also be shared with other

Businesses that require even faster support have the option of an 8 hours or 4 hours response support packages offered by our partners.

Key Features

  • Easy to deploy and maintain mobile application server SQL database.

  • Send TEXT/SMART SMS (flash, operator logo, ringtone) via GSM modem.

  • Multi-part operator logo and ringtones are supported.

  • Can be configured to restrict overseas SMS.

  • Allows broadcast with multiple phone numbers. Interface via
    HTTP/Command-line from within LAN and the Internet.

  • Provides Web/HTTP and command-line API to send/broadcast messages.

  • Documentation for direct SQL insert to message outbox included.

  • Allows receiving of SMS via GSM modem. All messages received and sent
    will be logged and stored in an integrated database. A built-in error log helps user track and troubleshoot problems.

  • A user-friendly graphical user interface for the management console allows
    administrators to assign unique keywords to specific CGI/Java Servlets/native programs to trigger a response. This means if an incoming SMS has a keyword followed by some parameters, the server will pass these parameters to a program associated with the keyword, triggering an interactive response.

  • Console provides a 'Test' function allowing programmers to test their scripts
    in quickly by simulating actual mobile messaging test procedures on the computer. This RAD function can improve development speed/efficiency by up to 100%.

  • Management Console allows remote management of server from the
    Internet. The features highlighted includes database management for keywords (2-way messaging), logged messages (both receive and send), error log, and user access permission.

Some Vertical Applications That Can Be Quickly Deployed Using Visual GSM

  • Mobile Executive Communication Suite

  • Mobile Sales Force Automation System

  • Mobile Field Service Inspection System

  • Mobile Job Dispatching System

  • Mobile Patrol System for Surveillance

  • Mobile e-ID Spot-check System

  • Mobile Customer Relationship Management Solution

  • Mobile Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

  • Mobile Construction Field Solution

  • Mobile Property Management Solution

  • Mobile Supply Chain Management Solution

  • Mobile Resource Locationing & Monitoring Solution for Logistics

  • Mobile Materials Handling Solution for Warehouse Management

  • Secure Mobile Internet Banking Solution

  • Secure Mobile Internet Stock Trading Solution

  • And many more other applications specific to your industry

List of Users

A list of our customers include, Supreme Court Singapore, Urban Redevelopment Authority, Retail Promotion Centre,PWD EMS, Nestle, National University Singapore (WizLearn), Johnson & Johnson VisionCare, Great Eastern Life, UOB Group, Brokat, Ogilvy, NOL OCWS, Government Investment Corporation, Schenker Stinnes, National Health Service.

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