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Our web hosting package is packed with features and qualities that make it a very valuable tool for you to use in promoting your business online.

Your own domain name

Our free web hosting utilizes your own unique domain name to indentify your web site address and email addresses. You may choose any available domain name you wish, (such as,, etc...).

If you do not already own a domain name, you can easily register one during the free web hosting registration process. (Domain name registration fees may apply: current fees are US$26 per year for .com and RM100 per year for .my)

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Upgrade web and email space to 800MB

If you were to purchase or renew your domain name through iRepublics, your free hosting shall be upgraded to a total web and email space of 800MB, comprising 200MB of web space and 600MB of email space (30 email accounts with 20MB each). You may also enjoy the upgraded space of 800MB by subscribing to our SPAM control services at only USD31.75 (RM100) per domain per year.

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30 web-based email accounts

When you sign up for our free web hosting package, you will automatically receive 30 email accounts, each with 10mb of disk space. Since these email accounts will also use the same domain name as your web site, they will help you to promote your company's identity and web site address.

Instead of using one email account for your business (i.e., you can now have up to 30 email accounts for your employees to use (i.e.,, ...)

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Default 33MB web space

Our free web hosting gives you 33MB of disk space to use for your web site. This is more than enough space for you to create a site with several hundred pages of content, including your graphics and photos.

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Anti-virus and SPAM control

Anti-virus smtp filtering is a standard feature of's email hosting services. In addition to anti-virus protection at our mail servers, that has ensured that the emails that you receive are virus-free, we have also added anti-spam features as a subscription service. The many features that we have deployed in the fight against spam include connection and content filterings.

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Pre-defined CGI scripts

A CGI feedback/enquiry form for your web site is available for you to utilize as soon as your account is activated. This allows your customers and web site viewers to contact you effortlessly while they are viewing your web site. It also helps your business gather valuable information about your customers and simplifies communications for enquiries, support, or any other topic.

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Search engine submission tools

The web site Meta tag analyzer and search engine submission form, available free from, simplify the process of optimizing your site for search engine listing and submitting your site to the top international search engines.

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