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Upgrading Options for your Web Hosting Account
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In line with our objective of continuously creating value for you and your business, we offer the following upgrading packages to provide further functionalities to meet your website & E-mail hosting needs.



POP Mail


E-mail access via POP allow your e-mails to be downloaded to your desktop POP Mail client software such as Microsoft Outlook™ and Netscape Communicator™. E-mails can be accessed both via the web (while you are traveling without your personal computer) or via POP on your desktop.



  • Unlimited size of e-mails & attachments

  • Downloading of e-mails into local PC via e-mail client software

  • Backup of e-mails into your local PC

  • Read and reply e-mails offline, connect only when sending/receiving

  • Access via both via POP & Web


Price per Year

Pop Mail- 5 accounts

USD 31.75 / RM 100

Pop Mail - 15 accounts USD 79.37 / RM 250
Pop Mail - 30 accounts USD 158.73 / RM 500
Pop Mail - 60 accounts USD 317.46 / RM 1000
Pop Mail - 90 accounts USD 476.19 / RM 1500


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SPAM and Unsolicited Commercial Email Filterings


SPAM control is now an optional and chargeable service by and starts from only USD1.59 (RM5) per user per month.

The many features that we have deployed in the fight against incoming spam include Premium Anti-Spam from, connection filterings using real-time Blackhole Lists (RBL), reverse DNS lookup and Kill lists, and content filterings using Bayesian statistical filters, phrase filtering searches, trusted IP addresses & white lists and advanced HTML filtering.

Suspected SPAM and UCE emails are routed to a folder named Spambox in respective user's webmail folder, thereby allowing each user to decide on whether to either delete those emails or move selected false positive emails (that have been incorrectly filtered as SPAM) back to the main inbox folder.

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E-mail Forwarding


The Email forwarding option allows you to forward all incoming e-mails to another e-mail address of your choice. You can set all incoming e-mails to be automatically forwarded to the new destination address allowing easy consolidation of all your e-mail addresses. 

Description Price per Year

E-mail Forwarding

USD 31.75 / RM 100

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Additional Hosting space


You can choose to upgrade your hosting package and have additional space for your website files. Options include:


Description Price per Year

Additional 200 MB web hosting space

USD 47.62 / RM 150
Additional 400 MB web hosting space USD 95.24 / RM 300
Additional 600 MB web hosting space USD 142.86 / RM 450

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