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+ WS_FTP Server 5.0 Features

WS_FTP Server offers many features not found in many FTP servers today, including 128-Bit SSL support, auto resume, an intuitive GUI, and configurable security options.

128-Bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Encryption
Higher level of SSL security keeps your information confidential during transfer over the Internet when you connect with an 128-bit encryption enabled client like WS_FTP Pro 7.02 or later.

Firewall/Network Address Translations (NAT) support for SSL connections
Configure IP address and ports when using PASV command (with or without SSL) for better performance with firewalls and new NAT devices.

Create SSL certificates and a Trusted Authorities database on a per host basis
Limit access to valuable data with the ability to create SSL certificates and a Trusted Authorities database on a per host basis

Log Analyzer provides a comprehensive analysis of FTP traffic which helps you quickly and easily identify patterns, track performance, and better manage and plan your resources.

New Host and New User Wizards have been added to the install process. These guide you during set-up to insure Install & Run functionality.

Block file uploads, downloads, deletions, renaming, and directory creation on a per user basis
You can also set up rules automatically triggered by a specified event such as the uploading of an executable file.

New Host and New User Wizards have been added to the install process. These guide you during set-up to insure Install & Run functionality.

File lock during upload prevents users from downloading a file before it is fully uploaded to the server

Set default user settings
Administrators can set default host and user level options once and then have them automatically apply to all new users added from that point on.

Flag All
Enables administrators to set user options for all users at once and to un-set them manually for the minority instead of having to set the flag manually for the majority of the users. Use it when setting max number of files and space, activating and deactivating accounts, setting users' ability to change their passwords remotely, locking users in their home directories, and more.

User Directory Option
The option to not automatically create user directories now allows administrators to eliminate upload capabilities for users except for virtual folders they specifically give permissions for.

Extended Storage Space
64-bit support for file sizes and quotas enables administrators to extend storage space in excess of 2 GB, which is of great importance to users with limited storage. Quota support per user is setting a limit of how many files or how much disk space they are allowed to use in their Home folder. Previously the maximum space you could limit them to without giving them unlimited space was around 2GB. By increasing the limit to a 64-bit integer you can assign limits beyond terabytes.

Confirmation Password
The added field in user properties dialog helps increase ease of use by reducing the chance of saving a mistyped password.

User ID and password is encrypted whether connected with SSL or not.

Configurable Security Options
Keep your files secure by setting read, write, delete, list, and rename permissions on shared folders and allowing access based on IP address.

Permissions can be set on shared folders on a per-user or per-group basis to limit access

Remote Administration
Add and remove users and adjust permissions from any workstation on the network.

Virtual Servers
Utilize a single NT/2000/XP Server to host multiple FTP sites with different domains

NT User Authentication against a non-domain controller provides the convenience of placing WS_FTP Server anywhere on your network as opposed to the NT domain server. This feature makes it easier to update and maintain the server.

User Access Controls
Administrators now have several new features to control the way visitors interact with the server

Lock users into their home folder so that users are limited to their home directory structure.

Virtual Folders
Also from a user's home folder, administrators may grant virtual folder access to files so that they can be shared by multiple users without any knowledge that another user exists.

Hide the existence of other users' folders which prevents users who have access beyond their home folder from seeing the names of other user folders on the system.

AUTH TLS & AUTH TLS-C User Authentication Support has been added so that WS_FTP Server will work with a wider variety of FTP clients allowing more people to access the server.

Customizable Site Commands provide administrators with more ways to manage the server and files.

Ability to Share User's Database with Windows NT/2000/XP and IMail Server or entered directly into WS_FTP Server's own user database -- expanding your permission management options. Users can also be added en masse with the command line utility. ODBC Integration saves administrators time when setting up and maintaining user accounts and permissions.

Auto re-get
Restart interrupted file transfers, where they left off so users never lose valuable data because of a lost connection.

Complies with current Internet standards for file transfer protocol so incompatibility is never an issue when transferring data

Runs as an NT Service for automatic start-up and secure no logon operation

Supports Anonymous Users for fast file distribution so folders and files on the site can be available to the public without having to create and maintain user accounts

Ability to Track Event Occurrences allows your users to execute a program or batch file each time a specific event occurs on the server.

FTP Server Manager Application may be installed on a computer other than the one that the FTP Server is installed on.




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