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WS_FTP Server is a highly secure, fully featured and easy-to-administer file transfer and data management server that delivers best-in-class performance and security.

WS_FTP Server makes important data easily and securely accessible by setting up, managing, and protecting folders & files. With WS_FTP you can authenticate users from any ODBC-compliant user database, and set up virtual folders and multiple logical hosts on a single machine.

+What's New in WS_FTP Server 5.0

Workflow & Automation Rules Engine
Incorporate business rules and logic in WS_FTP Server using these built-in rules: Directory Created, File Deleted, File Downloaded, File Renamed, File Upload, Failed Login, Disk Quota

Step by step wizards
Create rules that trigger a notification via SMS, email, pager and external program. You can also install, run and gain access to WS_FTP Server from any FTP server, not just box that WS_FTP Server is running on.

CCC: SSL Connections with NAT & Firewall
The Clear Command Channel (CCC) lets you make a secure connection and then, after connecting, changes the command channel encrypted to "in the clear" so that firewalls can look at the connection and determine what port to open for issuing commands. The data channel remains encrypted at all times.

Powerful Server Management Features
    Ability to set users' Home folders
      FTP administrators can now set any folder to be the user’s Home Folder and set many users to the same home folder effectively allowing a shared “group folder”. Example: ISP has a client with 5 employees and although each employee has an account, ISP wants to set limit on disk space that can be used in aggregate by the 5 employees. This is done by setting the same folder as the home folder for all 5 employees
    Universal Naming Convention (UNC) support
      UNC is a standard method of naming files and other resources on a network. UNC format on Windows is typically: \\servername\sharename\path\

    A System Administrator needs to set user’s home folders to a folder that is on a shared, remote network drive for security and management reasons. Previously, only the Host root drive or the folder WS_FTP Server automatically creates for each new user could be used.

    FTP administrators can set disk space, number of files, and bandwidth for entire groups or users

    Disk quota has changed from KB to MB and you can now set maximum bandwidth settings per user or group.

    Example 1: An ISP has a Gold package that includes 500MB of disk space. The FTP Administrator can put users in this group and each user is automatically allotted 500MB of disk space.

    Example 2: System admin wants to limit bandwidth consumption so they set the maximum download speed for each user on the Host.

    New Tree View with updated icons
    Makes WS_FTP Server more intuitive and easier to use.

    +Highly Secure File Transfers for Windows®

    WS_FTP Server protects your business critical and sensitive data with the highest commercially available data encryption level (128-bit).
    When combined with WS_FTP Pro client (v7.02 and later) it's the perfect solution for organizations that require confidentiality when transferring files over the Internet such as government, education, medical, and finance.

    +Distribute files on your network without any special training

    WS_FTP Server can be installed wherever needed; it doesn't require expensive, dedicated hardware, and it can run in the background on your PC.

    +System Requirements

    During transfer, files can be automatically compressed into the .ZIP archive file format, reducing transfer time and improving throughput.

    • Windows® NT 4.0, Windows® 2000, Windows® XP or Windows® Server 2003
    • 200 MHz Pentium® II or higher
    • 128 MB RAM

    Note: WS_FTP Server must run on a server or workstation with a static IP Address




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