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Collaboration Without Complication
Ipswitch Collaboration Suite (ICS) provides e-mail and real-time collaboration, calendar and contact list sharing, and protection from spam and viruses, all delivered in an easy to use package designed with the unique needs of small and medium sized businesses in mind. ICS is a set of comprehensive collaboration tools based on e-mail, which is already the lifeblood of corporate communication.

Easy to set up and manage
ICS installs quickly, and unlike more complicated, large-footprint collaboration solutions, is designed to place minimal maintenance burden on network administrators. ICS can authenticate users from its own database, the Windows database, or from any ODBC compliant data source. The entire suite can be run on a single, modestly-powered server.

Flexible Packaging
ICS is packaged in three different editions, and is available in four different user count levels to meet the needs of different kinds and sizes of businesses.

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