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+Protection Against Dangerous Viruses

Viruses pose a serious threat to productivity in small and medium sized businesses. Few businesses have the extra resources required to clean up after a virus has infected their network. Protecting your e-mail users from viruses is vital, and frequent updates to virus definitions are key. Ipswitch Collaboration Suite Premium and ISP/EDU protects your network from malicious code, denial-of-service attacks, Trojan horses and worms with integrated Anti-Virus technology.

Ipswitch Collaboration Suite Premium and ISP/EDU receives anti-virus definition updates regularly, and scans all incoming and outgoing e-mail. The system can be set to remove viruses or to forward them to a holding area.

Having anti-virus protection on your mail server is important even if you already have desktop or network anti-virus scanning in place. ICS anti-virus is designed specifically for mail servers and is tightly integrated with the ICS e-mail server for ease of administration.

ICS Premium Anti-Virus protection is powered by Symantec™ Scan Engine technology with LiveUpdate™. With Premium anti-virus, you can set rules for notification and forwarding of virus-laden e-mails, and using a web interface, you can view reports of viruses caught and adjust the resources used by the scan engine to help prevent denial of service attacks.


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