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Network Monitoring
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System Requirements

+Network Discovery

Detail Network Discovery

WhatsUp Professional scans networks for routers, switch, servers, printers and other networked devices. Discover your network in minutes using intuitive wizards that step you through configuration.


+Primary Discovery methods
  • SNMP SmartScan
    Scan the network by reading from a router’s IP table. Identify device types, network subnets, and critical services running.
  • ICMP discovery
    Scan the network by a designated IP range. Identify device types and critical services running.
  • Host File Import
    Quickly build your network inventory in WhatsUp Professional from an existing file of network information.

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+Active Discovery

Scheduled sweeps of the network identify and notify you of any new device on the network and automatically map the device along with the appropriate monitoring policy. Active-Discovery helps network managers stay on top of dynamic networks and ensures mission critical services are monitored without relying on manual inspection of change-order reports.

+Schedule Periodic Scans

Stay on top of what is on your network and identify any unexpected (potentially unauthorized) changes to the infrastructure. Scheduled network scans with WhatsUp Professional will notify you when new devices or services have been found.

  • Schedule day and times or specified intervals for automatic scans.
+Customize your Network Views

Users choose how to display their network topology within WhatsUp Professional's Explorer style interface.

  • Device List View
    A sortable list view shows device name, IP address, type and status.
  • Map View
    Display the network infrastructure in a graphical view. Customizable device icons, link lines, and advanced drawing tools create a true network diagram.
  • Active and Static Link Lines
    Quickly identify when the connection between devices is down, with active status lines on the map view. Green lines indicate the interfaces are up, red indicates an interface has failed.

    Add any bitmap image and other objects to enhance the look and feel of your network diagrams.

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+Robust Network Monitoring Architecture
  • Client/Server Polling Architecture
    A dedicated polling engine allows devices to reside in multiple groups and multiple maps without redundant polling each cycle. Additionally, changes to network data can occur simultaneously to active network monitoring.
  • Database Asset Storage
    WhatsUp Professional includes Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Desktop Engine (MSDE 2000) to store all network device, log and configuration data.
  • WhatsUp Gold Migration Utility
    Import network data from WhatsUp Gold to WhatsUp Professional at any time from any local or remote server.



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