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System Requirements

+Network Monitoring

Comprehensive Network Monitoring

Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional provides detailed monitoring of network availability and performance. Built-in functionality allows users to ping each device as well as check for status of web services, email services and many other critical application services. Core monitoring capabilities include:

  • Windows Service Monitoring
    Keep track of critical application functions, with unlimited Windows service monitoring. Minimize downtime by allowing WhatsUp Professional to restart any failed Windows service automatically.
  • TCP/UDP Port Monitoring
    Check the status of individual ports on the network and isolate failures. Go a step further using customizable scripts to communicate with the application using a specified port.
  • Event Log Monitoring
    Identify potential harmful events such as authentication failures or faulty NIC card. Select Windows Event Log or Syslog items to watch for and immediately alert if necessary.
  • System Resource Monitoring
    Understand when reallocation of network resources is necessary. Track the utilization levels of critical resources such as cpu, disk space, memory or bandwidth with SNMP threshold monitoring. Know immediately if these or other resources fall outside of acceptable ranges.
  • Maintenance Mode
    Schedule device maintenance to ensure accurate monitoring and reporting of device status. No false alerts or downtime statistics are generated when a device is in maintenance.


+Alert Management

Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional executes specified actions upon failure of a device or when system performance has been compromised. Set individual alerts and set action policies to enable notification escalation when needed.


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  • Robust alerting
    Send an email, page, SMS, sound or pop up when network failures occur.
  • Automatic problem resolution
    Configure WhatsUp Professional to restart a service or launch a program to fix a problem automatically to aid in fast recovery.
  • Customize individual service alerts
    Select an action type to execute based on the type of device or individual service that has failed.
  • Alert Escalation
    Set polices to assign to a device or group of devices to alter the action that occurs, or the user who notified based on how long a device or service has been unavailable.
  • SNMP Trap forwarding
    Use WhatsUp Professional to capture events on the network and forward traps to a central trap manager or data system.
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