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Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional

Regardless of size and complexity, networks are challenged daily to deliver optimal reliability and performance. Application crashes and equipment failures can bring productivity to a halt and significantly impact business revenue. Medium-sized businesses as well as large corporations have increasingly complex networks, but need practical solutions to achieve optimal network management. In a marketplace overwhelmed with complex, costly enterprise management solutions, there is a pressing need for network management that offers scalability, usability and extensibility combined with low total cost of ownership. Ipswitch WhatsUp® Professional isolates your network problems and provides you with awareness and understanding of performance and availability.

WhatsUp Professional Offers:

  • Extensive Network Monitoring
    Keep track of availability and performance of critical business systems. WhatsUp Professional offers real-time monitoring and alerting of network services, Windows® and Syslog events, system resource utilization and more.
  • Intuitive Network Discovery
    Automatic identification of all network devices, using dynamic scanning capabilities. Create logical definitions of your network from directly within the completely redesigned Explorer-style interface of WhatsUp Professional.
  • Scalable Data Storage
    A SQL Server-compatible relational database stores comprehensive status for even the largest networks to enable flexibility of management and reporting capabilities within WhatsUp Professional.
  • Integrated Reporting
    Analyze developing network trends using HTML-based reports of device and service availability and performance. Compelling reports are generated on the entire network, groups of devices and individual services.
  • Secure Remote Access
    Access network data and make configuration changes from anywhere at anytime, with WhatsUp Professional’s built-in web server or via Microsoft® IIS. SSL encryption ensures your network data is protected.
  • Powerful Network Monitoring
    Ipswitch WhatsUp Professional provides detailed monitoring of network availability and performance. Proactive polling of devices from a centralized device list helps you keep pace with the state of your network. Customizable policies and alarms help you manage any conceivable issue. Monitoring capabilities include:
- Windows Services (on NT®, 2000, XP® systems)
- TCP/UDP Port Monitoring
- Threshold monitoring of system resource such as CPU, disk space, and memory
- Windows Event Logs and Syslogs
- SNMP Traps
- Color-coding of device states helps convey the status of the network at a glance

+Fast Problem Resolution

Learn immediately of network failures or performance degradation with customizable alert and action policies. Send alerts when problems occur, or speed resolution further with options to restart a service or launch a program automatically. Maximize network uptime by:

  • Alerts via e-mail, pager, cell phone, SMS, or audio alerts
  • System task tray alerts
  • SNMP trap forwarding
  • Automatic service restart
  • View status or make changes from any web browser (SSL 128-bit encryption for secure remote access)
+Dynamic Network Discovery and Mapping
Discover your network in minutes using intuitive wizards that prompt WhatsUp Professional to scan the network for routers, switches, servers, printers and any other networked device. All network information is then stored within a relational database to enable easy device management and reporting.

  • View your network topology in a list or map view through WhatsUp Professional’s new Explorer-style interface
  • Easily customize network views with drag and drop, multiple device groups, and drawing utilities
  • Schedule automatic rediscoveries of your network to learn when new devices or services have been added
+Reveal Trends

WhatsUp Professional provides real-time and historical HTML reporting options for easy access and customization. Share detailed availability or performance reports for device groups or specific devices.

Flexible reporting can display data by month, week, day or time of day. Reporting options include:

  • Availability reports (percentage response time)
  • Performance reports (device or service latency)
  • Health reports (current status summary report)
  • State Change Timeline (recent history of device changes)

+System Requirements

  • Windows 2003 Server, Windows XP (SP1 or later), or Windows 2000 (SP4 or later recommended)
  • 260 MB of disk space
  • 256 MB RAM
  • To use beeper or pager notifications, a local modem and phone line is required (WhatsUp Professional does not support modem pooling)




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