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Network Monitoring
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System Requirements

+Integrated Reporting

WhatsUp Professional provides real-time and historical HTML reporting options for easy access and customization. Reports can be accessed by month, week, day or time of day.


+Device and Group Reports


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  • Availability
    Find out availability percentages for each device or group.
  • Health
    Display a snapshot of the current status of each device and its monitored objects.
  • Performance
    View device response times to understand developing latency issues.
  • State Change Timeline
    Examine the state change history of all the monitors on a device.
  • Syslog Entries
    A record of Syslog messages WhatsUp has received from a device.
  • SNMP Trap Log
    A record of SNMP traps WhatsUp has received from a device.
  • Windows Event Log
    A device's Windows system events captured by WhatsUp.
+System Reports
Keep track of changes within the WhatsUp Professional system as well as other critical events/errors that may occur using detailed system logs. A few of these useful system reports include:
  • Active Discovery Results
    Detailed report of any new devices found with the option to select any device(s) to add to the database to begin monitoring
  • Action Log
    History of all actions executed upon device state change, includes type of action, time it was sent, for what device and monitored object
  • Recurring Report Log
    List of all recurring reports that where generated, time created, and details the report.
  • General Error Log
    report of specific WhatsUp Professional system errors over a period of time


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