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A proven messaging platform powered by IMail Server technology
In business today, e-mail is the foundation for collaboration, both within the organization and with the outside world. In ICS, that foundation is provided by Ipswitch IMail Server messaging technology – a proven e-mail solution that 60 million users worldwide rely on every day. With ICS, users can send and receive e-mail using any standards-based client, including Microsoft Outlook®, Outlook Express, or Eudora. Or, users can access e-mail from anywhere via ICS’ customizable Web messaging, available in eight languages.
ICS also enables organizations to easily set up automated mailing lists and no-maintenance discussion groups. These list servers offer a time-tested technique for facilitating collaboration and information sharing by receiving and then automatically re-sending mail to all the users on the mailing list. ICS mailing lists offer a number of capabilities to enable better collaboration:

  • Lists can be configured to support announcements or multi-user discussions, and to be private or public
  • Users can automatically subscribe and unsubscribe themselves

Lists minimize the possibility of someone on a team missing an important message because the sender forgot to include them as a recipient.




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